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More about Smate & Smate

SMATE & SMATE was founded in 2007 as a project management, building and general contracting company operating in the Northern and Southern regions of Nigeria. The company is able to provide an integrated management service package to its clients throughout Nigeria. The broad range of services available enables the company to provide unique bespoke and turnkey services tailored to our clients needs. The scope of operation has expanded nationally since its foundation to include prime services and expertise areas such as:

Asset Management & Utilization

Smate & Smate has built a reputation on the total optimization of property under our management. We offer unrivalled asset optimization and management services to ensure clients make the best use of underutilized assets.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

With our technical partners, we offer a Civil Engineering, Procurement and Construction service which complements our clients operations. Our services are within and include Engineering design, materials procurement & supply, equipment and tools to execute civil works associated with the installation of BTS cell sites, plants, machineries, structural works, factory buildings and other construction projects.

Property Services

Smate & Smate has in-depth expertise, specialising in all aspects of residential and commercial property maintenance. From routine maintenance contracts to complex renovation and refurbishment services, Smate & Smate ensures that clients enjoy the highest standard and maximum value.

External & Grounds Maintenance

The Smate & Smate group and out operatives have exceptional expertise in ground maintenance and landscaping. We ensure that all our operatives undergo extensive training and develop a keen eye for detail.

Security Solutions

Our security division offers a design and installation service to provide effective and efficient monitoring of our clients premises. We are able to provide the latest technology in closed circuit television, access control and remote monitoring to secure our clients’ businesses and assets.

Publishing & Media

We publish a series of editorially driven guide books that have become the authority on investment and tourism opportunities. In addition we run the SME Exchange business news supplement and are a leading television media specialist, representing major international networks.

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